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Introduction - VGCEdit

Videopolis Games Company, also known as VGC, is a independent video games creation and development company. Originally started in June of 1994 and using a TI-99 4A Home Computer several things began to surface:

  • a logo that I hardcoded into the TI.
  • my first of several rewrites for my original RPG (then known as "Deep Space")
  • inspiration which actually came into shape from a campaign I ran using the rules for two systems
    • TMNT and Other Strangeness (Palladium Games)
    • Star Trek TNG (FASA Corporation)
  • another rewrite for the RPG, but reworking it into a more useable form
  • settling on a name for the new version of my RPG (renamed "Intergalactica")
    • new information kept coming to me that I incorporated
      • a magick system
      • a psyonics system
      • mechs and robots
      • 12 playble races
      • 24 player occupations
      • rules for miniatures play (that I scrapped to put into another supplement)
      • a computer-generated weapons creation system

Around this time, I ended up falling into a Commodore 64 system for almost free with a nice printer. I grabbed my GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) and began with my final rewrites and character sheets. Some of which I still have today.

Still playing RPGs and some games on the Genesis (RPGs mostly), I began another rewrite, transferring much of my information to my new Commodore Amiga 500. I used MEmacs to start the new revision, then copied the files into Transcript, more of a word processor than MEmacs (MEmacs was only a text editor).

During this time, I had been designing icons, graphics and other information for my game. My newest creation was still "Intergalactica", but it certainly had its flaws. After a couple playtesting sessions with some of my gaming friends, they helped me to realize some serious flaws. I didn't like trying to make the game faster, as I thought it was already rather fast, but after some discussions about the system, I got some really good ideas:

  • make some rules optional
  • use a points system to generate Perks and Foibles
  • reduce the number of weapons the game starts with
    • I wanted 1000 weapons to be included with the game... (Still do.)
  • more gear and equipment, specialized for each occupation
  • it needed more skills, but I didn't really know where to begin...
    • I did manage to add more, and it did make the game feel different, but I wasn't sure about it in the beginning
  • start defining spells and spell-like effects
    • many of my friends wanted the robots to be able to cast spells (I figured a way to do it...)

I have been developing my RPG for many years and with this wiki, I am bringing more information and development data to light. There are many things I want to say and show, but I don't have the time right now.

Thanks for looking, and hope to show you more...


Introduction - RPM2 GamesEdit

Honestly, I had originally planned that RPM2 Games was also going to be an indie video games company, but after a few years and some serious thought, I have relegated it to the book and supplement publishing arm.

RPM2 is an abbreviation of my full name, and Games represents a love of games-- video and computer, book-style RPGs and board games. This is the primary reason for creating this company.

I have a few games up my sleeve:

  • "Galactic Tradership" - a board game spin-off of my RPG crossed with Avalon Hill's "Gold!" and Parker Brothers/Hasbro "Monopoly"
  • "Fine Red Mist" - the RPG that I was crafting for over a decade!
  • "Summoner: Mystic Quest" - a CCG that uses ancient mythos to defeat enemy adversaries and capture their minions and equipment
  • various supplements are planned for "FRM"...
    • "Wild Waldo's Weapons Warehouse: Implements of Mass Destruction" - a catalog for "FRM" that showcases the different types of handheld, launched and ship systems for use in "FRM"
    • "Starship Superhero" - a supers system for use with "FRM", based on alien, metaphysical and paranormal technology
    • 12 Racial Tomes for the primary races in the Galaxy...

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